Reno – The biggest little city in the world!

Reno in the state of Nevada, is known for its casinos and gaming. It is a much smaller version of Las Vegas. In Reno, the equivalent to ‘Las Vegas strip’, would be Virginia street. But unlike Vegas, the casinos do not have any fun stuff outside (like the Bellagio fountain for example). Hence walking along the strip is less interesting. The Reno Arch that says “The Biggest Little City in the World” is located on Virginia Street. That slogan was the winner of a contest held in 1927.

Though most of the casinos are along Virginia St., there are very large ones a few blocks away as well. We stayed at the Grand Sierra Hotel, right next to a freeway. The rooms were OK. They have good buffet meals with a large spread and a low rate! They have go-karting, bowling, movie theaters with movies playing for a buck or two.

As we drove up to Reno from the SF Bay Area, we had our car and getting around Reno was easy. Free parking is available in many places. We parked for free in the parking lot of the Cal-Neva resort.

Most of the casinos are very similar to each other. Not with spectacularly themed casinos like Vegas. However, Circus Circus has more on offer than the usual slot machines, tables and games. It offers some free entertainment shows that last for about 10 minutes each. The best part was that it had a lot of ‘fair-like’ games that gave away stuffed toys to winners. This was way more fun than sitting at a slot machine and praying for luck!

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