ATV on the Dunes!

The Dunes area in Oregon is a stretch of sandy dunes created by millions of years of amazing work by the wind, sun and rain. Oregon has the largest stretch of coastal dunes. Some sandy dunes are as high as 150 meters above sea level.

We experienced these massive dunes on an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV). We rented a quad each. We were given quick instructions on the do and dont’s for a safe time. It wasn’t easy to handle the extremely heavy machines and it required more effort than we imagined.
The sandy area is vast, inter spruced by a flash of desert vegetation. There are trails that lead down to the beach and you can ride along the waters edge. The terrain changes on a daily basis and it is very easy to get lost. It was written somewhere that “to experience loneliness you have to be out in a desert, the deep sea, the blue sky or snow covered land for a while.” That is so true!

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