Napa Valley in Spring

Every season in Napa has something unique to offer visitors. This time of the year, Napa Valley is a beautiful yellow sea of mustard flowers!

Be it a drive along Highway 29 or the Silverado Trail in Napa Valley, the yellow carpets can not be missed! Wineries use mustard plants as a ‘cover crop’ to rejuvenate the soil for the grape vines. The season for grapes begin soon afterwards.

We visited Mumm, Napa for their sparkling wine. Mumm is one of the only two wineries in Napa that serve the sparkling wine!

Castello Di Amorosa is a very famous landmark in Napa, owned by vintner Sattui. Opened to the public in 2007, this castle is a very authentic replica of a medevial Italian castle. It has 107 rooms, a moat, a drawbridge and a torture chamber (complete with an authentic Iron Maiden torture device). Of course, this is a winery and apart from a tour of the castle, you also get to taste and purchase their wine. This castle has been featured in Travel channel, Abc’s ‘The Bachelor’ and numerous magazines.

Founded in 1875, the Beringer Winery has the distinction of being the “oldest continuously operating winery in the Napa Valley”.The historic ‘Rhine House’ is the owner’s idea of a California villa that was reminiscent of the family’s impressive old German home at Mainz-on-the-Rhine. The 17-room mansion offers tours as well.

The highlight of our trip was indeed the mustard flowers. Along the way, we also found some tulips and a beutiful tree with promises of the Spring to come!

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