Sakura in San Fran!

The Japanese Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) is one of the best known symbols of Spring! The cherry trees are covered with flowers, making it look more white and pink, than green. Cherry trees aren’t very tall, making the the blossoms an eye-level spectacle.

Cherry blossoms are quite commonly found everywhere – in parks, on random streets. We have a few in our office complex as well! This year, we enjoyed the Japanese Sakura in the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco. The season for cherry blossoms The beauty of the cherry blossoms are particularly striking against the typical Japanese architecture and Pagoda. The tea garden is a charming place with a Zen Garden and other Japanese garden staples like a Drum bridge (which is actually very very steep to climb!). Try the Tea House for a tea ceremony too.

The Golden Gate Park in SF is a great place to spend a day. It has so many places to explore, that a single day is certainly not enough! Golden Gate Park is to San Francisco, what Central Park is to New York. This day we also explored the Dutch Windmill and the tulip garden around it. April is a good time for tulips here.

After noon, we drove to SF’s Chinatown – another small universe where you can lose yourself for a long time. There are so many small stores selling an array of inexpensive yet interesting items. I love treasure hunting here! Not to be missed – The Golden Gate Fortune cookie factory. The ‘factory’ is actually a very small shop, with a few ladies making the fortune cookies traditionally by hand. We had never seen that before. Also at the shop you get to buy Chocolate and Strawberry flavored fortune cookies, apart from the regular ones! We missed the moon cakes from a bakery that boasts Bill Clinton as a customer. They were closed the day we went. We hope to try that some other day!

We ended the day with a breathtaking view of San Francisco downtown from the Bank of America building. The day out in San Francisco reminded me why I am in love with this city and the astonishing view of downtown and the bay beyond, affirmed it!

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