As fresh as you can get ‘em berries!

‘Tis the season for strawberries! We visited the Swanton Berry Farms near Santa Cruz to pick some sweet organic strawberries, right off the bushes. It was a nice sunny day as we bent over in the quest for red, juicy, blemish-free strawberries. We picked nearly 3 pounds of strawberries. We made fruit crepes out of a major portion of it and snacked on the rest. The berries were incredibly sweet and over in no time!

Swanton has 2 locations within 10miles of each other, with strawberries to pick. We think the location to the south had a variety of bigger strawberries. This location also had a café with Strawberry shortcake, Blackberry cobbler, Ollalieberry truffles, Jams, Jellies, Strawberry rhubarbs and other goodies!

Swanton also has Ollalieberries and Blackberries available for public picking. However, the season for those berries is a little later in summer. Kiwis are available towards the end of the year. Bay Area also has a lot of farms for cherry picking. However, we are not fond of cherries or most of the other berries. So we were really happy to get a fresh pick of a berry we really liked!

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