Zoom! Zoom!

What: Indy car racing (mini)
Where: Malibu Grand Prix, Redwood City
When: Sunday, 2nd May 2010
Why: Zimpplyyy hanging out with friends! :)
Indy car racing is very similar to go-karting, only, the cars are about 3 times faster. Usually, a driver’s license and closed toe shoes are a must for this activity. Both two-seater and single seater cars are available. Driver’s license is not required for the passenger.
I have tried go-karting in India before, where we could race side-by-side with other partcipants on one single wide track. That was a lot of fun! The adrenalin rush and the triumph in overtaking someone! However, with the indy car racing here, they were staggering participants so that only one person would be on the track at a given time. This prevents car crashes and is much safer. But this also meant that this was no “race”. They did have a digital board that was supposed to display the completion times of each car, but that wasnt working and we were denied bragging rights of all sorts!
Malibu Grand Prix also has another track for go-karting and other activities like mini golf, bumper boats (sounded fun – soaking people in other boats with a water canon on each boat, video games etc.) However, when we checked it out, we found that there were more kids there than adults. Well, this is no Six Flags or Great America! I think we would have enjoyed this place more, if we had kids in our group. We were a group of 7 adults, got quickly bored, cut short our day here and headed out to the Half Moon Bay beach!

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