To fall asleep to the sound of waves…

Half Moon Bay State Beach is a very pretty beach with nice facilities along the Pacific Coast of California. Well, it is a sunny beach, but it is cold. Even when the sun is burning bright, the strong cold winds can give you the chill.

Campsite reservations are required at the beach and the sites fill up pretty quickly. I made a reservation for a tent site in March, for a Friday night in June. All other weekends were already reserved. If you are lucky, you might get some last minute cancellations.

Our tent site had an ocean front. A maximum of 2 tents and 8 people were allowed at the site. The site had a picnic table and a fire pit as well.
The sunset that evening was beautiful. The sun painted the sky in lovely orange hues before dipping into the Pacific ocean. It was a clear cloudless day.

The night we were there was a new moon day and all the stars were visible above. Venus shone brightly. We had brought firewood and we had a small campfire going. Though it didn’t provide much warmth, it provided some light for our round-the-fire games and we could roast some marshmallows as well. I love to walk on the beach at night, to watch the white lip of the waves come closer and closer. In my opinion, it is magical to fall asleep to the sound of waves crashing on the beach.

Morning at the beach is a sight that spells ‘calm’ in every way – The sleepy sea that gently rolls, the mist that hangs low over the ocean and the clean wave-swept beach that invites you to leave the first footprints.
Some of us who woke up very early (like 5:30am) drove a couple of miles to the nearest ‘downtown’ for our coffee fix. Once everyone was up we got a barbecue going and fed ourselves some nice grilled brunch.
The great thing about Half Moon Bay is that it is very easy to get to and the facilities there were sufficient and nice. I agree Bay Area beaches can not compare to Florida or Mexico beaches (thanks to the cold currents along the Californian coast). But I think beaches further south on the way to LA would be a warmer option.

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