Redwood National Park – Where Californian Redwoods meet the Pacific

Redwood National Park is California’s northernmost national park. We drove north to the park along the scenic CA-1 highway. Although Redwoods can be found in many other parts of California, this park is also home to the Roosevelt Elks (not to be confused with the smaller Tule Elk found closer to the SF Bay Area).


Newton B Drury scenic drive runs through the park. The park has 3 visitor centers. A not-to-be-missed hike is the Fern Canyon trail. The access to the trail head is along an unpaved road that is sometimes partially flooded. But vehicles with low clearances were also doing OK on the road. Jurassic Park was filmed in Fern Canyon and as we walked along the trail, it was easy to imagine some dinosaurs crashing through! We did this hike with a 9 month old baby. There were many other families on the trail. Expect to get your shoes soaked as sometimes wading through the creek is necessary.



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