Four States here meet…

“In freedom under God, four states here meet”. This marks the only place in USA where 4 states meet. The states meeting at the Four Corners point are Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona.

Four Corners Monument is in the Navajo Nation and it is owned and managed by Navajo Indians. The Four Corners point is marked by a brass plaque. The area around it has been developed and maintained well. There are small shacks selling Indian artifacts and souvenirs all around the monument area. The restrooms at the monument were terrible. It looks like newer restrooms are being built.

It is very difficult to determine what time zone the monument follows. We raced to get there at what we thought was closing time. It turned out to be one hour before closing time. With Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado being on different time zones and Navajo Nation following a time zone different from Arizona half the year, it is best to call the monument and check the time. There is nothing for miles around the area – no food, no comfort!


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