Let’s go fly a kite…

With the song from Walt Disney’s Mary Poppins movie playing in our heads (“Let’s go fly a kite”), we drove to Berkeley to attend the 2014 Berkeley Kite Festival.

The two day long kite festival is held in the Cesar Chavez park at the Berkeley Marina, every year since 1986. Admission to the event is free. But . . . → Read More: Let’s go fly a kite…

Oyster shucking!

Tomales Bay is a narrow inlet of the Pacific Ocean in North California. The currents here make it very favorable for Oyster Farming, which is one of the major industries in this region.

We visited the Hog Island Oyster Company which has been raising oysters and shellfish since 1983. The farm in Tomales . . . → Read More: Oyster shucking!

Mary Potter!

Life is all about new experiences! A good friend on mine and I tried our hand at the potter’s wheel at Create In Clay School of Ceramics in Emeryville. It was a lot of fun. Neither of us had any prior experience and we received good guidance at Create In Clay. They also fired the pottery . . . → Read More: Mary Potter!

Tandem biking in SF

A different perspective of the city on a bike! I found this activity to be a little strenuous but the views were unparalleled! We rented the bike from Blazing Saddles. They also gave us a nice bike map of . . . → Read More: Tandem biking in SF

Drive-In Movies – Reviving the 1960s

Movies are projected from the top of this building

Drive-In theaters are movie theaters where you can park your car in front of a huge screen on which a movie is projected and watch it from your car. Some Drive-In theater companies also have cafes that sell snacks and soda which will often be . . . → Read More: Drive-In Movies – Reviving the 1960s

Gunning for a new experience!

When some friends mentioned a shooting range nearby where we could try shooting firearms, we were hooked. Different groups of friends we talked to all recommended the same shooting range – Jackson Arms in South San Francisco.

Jackson Arms has both pistol and rifle lanes, but the rifle lanes were closed when we visited. Reservations are . . . → Read More: Gunning for a new experience!

I believe I can fly…

If last weekend was about being Spiderman and Batman for a day, this weekend was about being Superman! Skydiving is an activity that was on our ‘must do in life’ list for a long time but we never had the time and opportunity to schedule it and take the plunge! As we did not have any . . . → Read More: I believe I can fly…

Playing Spiderman-Batman!

This weekend we went Rock Climbing at the Castle Rock State Park in California. Castle Rock is a favorite with rock climbers. We climbed a rock face for beginners. But there were a lot of people with sophisticated gear heading for the more difficult rock faces. We were with a group led by ‘Adventure Out’ as . . . → Read More: Playing Spiderman-Batman!

The ‘Hunters’…

Archery is a skill that dates back to the Paleolithic age. The use of bow and arrow has been discovered in every culture around the world.

We were scouting around for new activities to try and a friend recommended Archery. It sounded so interesting that we needed no convincing! We chose Palomo archery range . . . → Read More: The ‘Hunters’…

Zoom! Zoom!

What: Indy car racing (mini)

Where: Malibu Grand Prix, Redwood City
When: Sunday, 2nd May 2010
Why: Zimpplyyy hanging out with friends!

Indy car racing is very similar to go-karting, only, the cars are about 3 times faster. Usually, a driver’s license and closed toe shoes are a must for this activity. Both two-seater and single seater cars . . . → Read More: Zoom! Zoom!