Redwood National Park – Where Californian Redwoods meet the Pacific

Redwood National Park is California’s northernmost national park. We drove north to the park along the scenic CA-1 highway. Although Redwoods can be found in many other parts of California, this park is also home to the Roosevelt Elks (not to be confused with the smaller Tule Elk found closer to the SF Bay Area).

Newton B . . . → Read More: Redwood National Park – Where Californian Redwoods meet the Pacific

A walk among the Giants of North-Western California!

Our first road trip after our baby was born! We headed north on CA-1 with a bearing towards Redwood National Park. Along the way we stopped at interesting spots like the quaint old town of Mendocino, Fort Bragg, Ferndale (western most city in continental USA), Eureka etc.

Glass Beach in Fort Bragg is . . . → Read More: A walk among the Giants of North-Western California!

Fort Ross – A little bit of Russia in California

Fort Ross was a Russian settlement in California built in 1812. Russian interests were expanding south from Alaska while the Spanish interests were expanding north from Mexico.

Fort Ross sits on a beautiful cliff overlooking the Pacific ocean. The property is surrounded by tall wooden fence that kept out attacks from the Native . . . → Read More: Fort Ross – A little bit of Russia in California

Mary Potter!

Life is all about new experiences! A good friend on mine and I tried our hand at the potter’s wheel at Create In Clay School of Ceramics in Emeryville. It was a lot of fun. Neither of us had any prior experience and we received good guidance at Create In Clay. They also fired the pottery . . . → Read More: Mary Potter!

San Mateo County Museum

A not-so-widely-known gem in San Mateo. I loved it for the coherent exhibition of the history of the area, the household tools and implements used by families years ago, the age of the prohibition, moonshiners and the speakeasies in the peninsula and the modern ‘silicon’ period. The old San Mateo courthouse . . . → Read More: San Mateo County Museum

Angel Island – The Ellis Island of the West

Previously occupied by Miwok Native Indians, Angel Island has been used for a variety of purposes, including military forts, a US Public Health Service Quarantine Station, and a US Bureau of Immigration inspection and detention facility. As an immigration station from 1910 to 1940, many Asian immigrants were processed here, giving the island the tag ‘The Ellis . . . → Read More: Angel Island – The Ellis Island of the West

Tandem biking in SF

A different perspective of the city on a bike! I found this activity to be a little strenuous but the views were unparalleled! We rented the bike from Blazing Saddles. They also gave us a nice bike map of . . . → Read More: Tandem biking in SF

Looking for Tule : California’s Elks

Tule Elks are native to California and are found nowhere else in the world. The native Indian tribes in California used the Elks for sustenance. At the time of Spanish arrival in California, Tule Elks were the largest group of mammals in California. Though the Spanish introduced cattle to California, Tule Elks were widely . . . → Read More: Looking for Tule : California’s Elks

Racing Horses and racing hearts!

It all began with TV ads for Dollar Sundays at Golden Gate Fields racetrack in Berkeley, California. We were Berkeley residents for over four years and we had never been there. It took repeated ads to get our attention!

Golden Gate Fields began operations in 1941 and sits on 180 acres of land . . . → Read More: Racing Horses and racing hearts!

Stomp the grapes!

Four trips to California’s wine country this year!

This year I made my first trip to Napa in harvest season and I loved it! The vines are green, spotted with purple… the aroma of ripe grapes hang in the air… you constantly get the feeling that something magical is in the works here! . . . → Read More: Stomp the grapes!